White Chinese Fir S3S Liner Got 1.5 Million USD Annual Export Output in America

Many people would like to live in wooden house because of its health and naturalness. Thus, wooden construction material has large market, especially in America. For those who are inclined in Chinese wood materials, a China fir S3S liner of house construction from shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Self-cultivated China Fir and moulded with Rhin Jesso. China fir is a popular material of solid wood because of its clear & neat vein and warm and bright color, which can create a natural living environment for people. Furthmore, it has function of keeping from the bacteria and killing the bacteria in the air. Thus it is the best material of house construction. Moulded with Rhin Jesso door framing, this S3S liner is more durable and good-looking. At particular, the wood materials are cultivated by the company itself because it has a 100,000 acre forest for wood materials, thus buyers are free from the trouble of the material quality.
  2. Twice plaster and once water based topcoat process. The product is made out with the traditional process from 5 procedures, selection of wood, wood drying, well planed, high strength split joint to automatically spray painting; then it is processed with twice plaster and once water based topcoat, which ensures the glossy surface of this construction liner. The moulding which has perfect quality and texture is bright and smooth.
  3. 1.5 million USD annual export output. This S3S liner is very hot in foreign countries, especially in America, and its annual export output even reaches 1.5 million USD. The FOB price of this S3S is between 620/m3 to 686/m3 USD and the MOQ is 2000 pieces. If you aren’t inclined to the color, the size or the material, you can change them freely.

Company profile: Founded in 2006, Ninghua Natural Import & Export Co., Ltd owns two factories: Fujian Natural Forestry Co., Ltd. and Tiane Natural wood Co., Ltd. The company takes full advantage of the forest resources to develop the wood manufacture with moulding, door frame and road mark plate as the major products. Among that, the moulding and door frame are quite famous at home and abroad. Now the products have been exported to many countries such as America, Australia, Japan, Belgium and so on with annual export output exceeding 8 million USD.

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