Thermowood Wall Paneling Longer than Silver Wedding

For suppliers caring about high quality eco-friendly wall panel for interior or external decorative, this carbonized Scots Pine wall panel is the No 1.solution for those made in China. This thermowood wall panel from Qin Dynasty is said to have a longer lifespan than the silver wedding of twenty five years.

Imported Material: Scots Pine

As the only pine native to northern Europe, Scots Pine is no longer used for Christmas trees. Qin imported this wood from Russia, which has a variety of pines. This quality material guarantee the possibility of the wall material’s following procedures.


Formaldehyde-Free Green Wall Panel

Heating the wood in between 180 º C-220º C degrees introducing water steam and exerting pressure to modify the wood property. Under high temperature, polysaccharides found in natural wood decompose, while the residual humidity (4-6%) and release of connected on molecular level water eliminates the conditions for the origination fungus and microorganisms. There is no chemicals are used during wood-treating process, which makes the environmental friendly wall panel to be free-of-pollution and safe.


Excellence Performance

l  Color Consistent: After thermo treatment, the wall panel can has more choices on colors, which is consistent from the surface to the core of the board. With the refined density of 0.53g/cm3 which is suitable to be the interior as well as external decoration regardless of worrying the various shades.

l  Stabilization: Besides the light weigh and labor saving strong point, thermo wall panel is stable than the non-treated wall panel, with the moisture related swelling and shrinkage can reduced by 5-15 times. Cracking and checking of the wood surface is also diminished.

l  Twenty Five Years: Comparing to the silver wedding, this thermowood wall panel can extend the lifespan to 25 years rather than the panels dealt with chemicals for just several years.


About Qin Dynasty

Fu Jian Qin Chao Timber Technology Co., Ltd is located in abound in forest area -San Ming city, Fu Jian province .Our company as a new professional enterprise engaged in thermowood research, development and manufacture.

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