Sourcing PVC Plumbing Pipe and PVC Fittings from China

PVC, CPVC and PEX Piping made from these polymers (plastic) has several advantages over copper. Plastic pipe is ductile and can be easily bent, lessening the need for bends. If a really tight bend is required, 90 degree elbow joints can be used. It can also be easily routed through floor and wall spaces. Plastic is a better insulator than metal, so heat loss is reduced. Usually plastic piping has more “give” and will stretch more than copper when water freezes and expands inside the pipe, reducing the danger of bursting in sub-zero temperatures.

PVC or poly vinyl chloride is the most basic type of plastic pipe. Chlorinated PVC or CPVC has the same characteristics as standard PVC but has better corrosion resistance at higher water temperatures and is also significantly more ductile.

Plumbing is also made from cross-linked high-density polyethylene or PEX. This is a tough ductile material which can survive temperatures as low as -20 C (-4 F) without bursting. However it is susceptible to UV and needs to be shielded using insulation or otherwise to prevent degradation.

Care needs to be taken when working near plastic piping or fittings to avoid heat damage from blow torches or other heat producing tools. Piping should also be routed during installation so that it isn’t subjected to high temperatures from heat sources such as flues.

Do you want to source all kinds of pvc fittings

1).Light weight
2).Resistant to chemical fertilizers and herbicides
3).Non toxic and odorless
4).Simple and reliable installation
5).Easier construction,lower cost(33% less).
6).Up to 60 years’ durabillity
7).Smooth interior structure,low friction losses
8).Easy maintenance.

This pvc fittings is widely used in industrial and civil building, including indoor and out door drainage, sewage pipe project, in considering the material coorosion chemical conditions, also can be used for agricultural irrigation system, chemical drainage, sewage, it also suitable for ventilation pipe and drainage pipeline, etc