Floating Laminate Flooring 8mm 1306 Oak Square Edge for Household

Most laminatedflooring will indicate if they are suitable for kitchens. Topical spills that are mopped up within 30 minutes present no problem for a laminate floor. However liquid left to stand for a few hours could cause minor to severe damage depending on the amount. Flooding will almost certainly damage your floor, both the surface and the core. Laminate separation at the boards corners is the most common form of water damage.

Another problemwith spills is that they can seep in through the joints and cause water damage to the laminate locking mechanism and core. Laminate floors that are suitable for wet areas such as kitchens will come with some form of chemical impregnation in the locking mechanism as well as the core. Many floors are available with water resistant cores, but the locking mechanism might not be water resistant thus you should enquire about this.

If liquid penetrate into the locking click, it will weaken and eventually break. Liquid that penetrates the core will cause swelling and the laminate surface will separate from the core. Water damaged boards are easily replaceable. Using a skill saw, remove the affected board and replace with a new board. In most cases the new board will have to be glued in place instead of using the original locking mechanism.

Floating Laminate flooring 8mm 1306 oak square edge for household

Floating Laminate flooring


Brand Name: Oing Floor
Size 1215*195*8mm
Clicksystem Arc/Double/Single/UnilinCilck/Valinge click
Surface crystal
Balancepaper Grey/Yellow/Brown/Beige
ResistanceGrades AC1-AC5
Coreboard Brown/White/GreenHDFboard,density800kg-950kg/m3
FormaldehydeRelease E0 Standard less than 0.5 mg/L, E1 Standard less than 1.5mg/L
Edge design Square edge, V Groove
Usage Household,Indoor,Domestic use
Logo As required
Packing and loading 8pieces/carton,70cartons/pallet,20pallets/20GP,2653sqm
Warranty 25yearsfromdeliverydate
Priceterms FOBShanghaiorCFR/CIFyourport