Structural Materials

PVC Pipe & Fittings from China Suppliers

PVC pipe & fittings and UPVC pipe are widely used in industrial and civil building, including indoor and out door drainage,sewage pipe project, in considering the material coorosion chemical conditions, also can be used for agricultural irrigation system, chemical drainage, sewage, it also suitable for ventilation pipe and drainage pipeline, etc. Guanxin Industry Co.,Ltd, established […]

What Are the Differences in PVC Plumbing Pipes?

PVC pipe manufacturers print arcane inscriptions across the various colors and sizes of pipe. If you become familiar with the language of the building materials industry, you can more easily decipher the meaning of the mysterious messages and determine the applications and capabilities of each pipe. Understanding the differences between the types of PVC plumbing […]

100% Chemicals Free Carbonized Thermo-Wood

Thermo-Treated Wood is now widely used for all kinds of interior and outdoor projects such as exterior siding, decks, furniture production (especially for gardens), musical instruments, flooring, parquet, windows, doors, fences and highway acoustical barriers. Other products in which thermo-treated wood is ideal are those applications in high moisture environments such as boardwalks, swimming pool […]

19-Year Manufacturing and 14-Year Export Experience Melamine Board

Are you sourcing for a kind of melamine board that can be used widely for different furniture with good quality and top service? Here I recommended you 12mm melamine particle board panel ( manufactured by Yaodonghua Furniture Boards Co.,Ltd (, which is a professional furniture boards in China. 1. Leading Manufacturer of Melamine Board in […]

Analyse Chinese Aluminium Alloy Door Industry Status

Now, the real estate industry policy handle as well as raw supplies, artificial, management charge rise the influence of aspects, the actual estate sector on the downstream market building materials sector has set up a file within a slump, state. Amongst them, aluminum doors and Windows business can boat. In the country in the genuine […]

Water-Based Building Materials Introduction

We cannot be overcome by forces that are in nature. It really is just how powerful nature is something that can destroy everything. So, the only way we can do is to provide protection from extreme impacts. This is done through a method of waterproofing. The water to prevent any intrusion is a great strategy. […]

What is Eco-friendly Building Components

Eco-friendly building components conjures a greatly diverse connotation relying on who you will be chatting to: designers, home owners, contractors, and many others. Which with the next attributes can make an item sustainable: recyclability, strength effectiveness, product sourcing, or accountable producing procedures? Brief solution = all of them and a entire lot extra may be […]