Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment

bathroom stainless steel handrail

Know Before You Shop for stainless steel bathroom handrail Tile might seem fragile, but it’ll seem like an impenetrable barrier to standard twist drill bits, which will crack your tile. Instead, use a 1/4-in glass / tile drill bit for mounting bars over studs or a 1/2-in glass/tile drill bit for installations using special wall […]

Stainless steel or ABS Aerator Bathroom Basin Faucet

Do you want a faucet that’s easy to turn on and off? If your family have kids or elderly menbers, it is become more important. How deep is the sink? Smaller bathroom sinks need smaller fixtures (a faucet that’s too big will leave your countertop drenched). A vessel-style sink needs a faucet tall enough to […]

Bathroom Ware Buying Guides

bath hardware requires careful selection in order to be in long-lasting use. Bathroom faucets — or lavatory faucets — come in four configurations: widespread, center-set, single-hole, and wall-mount. With widespread faucets, the spout and handles are separate pieces, so you’ll need three holes drilled in your bathroom countertop. Center-set faucets combine the spout and handles […]

China Modern Wall PVC Bathroom Cabinets With Mirror 2016

There are many design, size, and materials choices when it comes to cabinets for your bathroom.  Then how to find a best bathroom cabinets with very affordable prices? FOSHAN KINDLY IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD  Bathroom Sets are available in many different shapes and colors. All shapes are practical & flexible and can be adjusted […]

How to Repair Faucets & Taps

Unfortunately, faucets are far from standardized, so it’s difficult to generalize about repairs. Most problems can be fixed by disassembling part or all of a faucet and replacing washers, seals, or other parts. It’s a good idea to keep a faucet repair kit on hand—one that contains a variety of washers, O-rings, and similar seals […]

How a Compression Faucet Works

Compression faucets have two separate handles. When the handle is turned, it raises or lowers a washer or seal that closes against a valve seat at the base of the stem to restrict water flow through the faucet body when you turn the handle off. cartridge, and ceramic-disc faucets, known as being “washerless,” don’t use […]

Different Types of Shower Enclosure for Bathroom

Buying a shower enclosure for the bathroom can usually be a tough task. Much more frequently than not, the huge array of various shapes, variations and sizes can leave persons feeling overwhelmed and confused as to what shower enclosure will be essentially the most ideal decision. As everyone knows, each bathroom is completely distinctive and […]