Month: November 2016

Bathroom Ware Buying Guides

bath hardware requires careful selection in order to be in long-lasting use. Bathroom faucets — or lavatory faucets — come in four configurations: widespread, center-set, single-hole, and wall-mount. With widespread faucets, the spout and handles are separate pieces, so you’ll need three holes drilled in your bathroom countertop. Center-set faucets combine the spout and handles […]

Sourcing PVC Plumbing Pipe and PVC Fittings from China

PVC, CPVC and PEX Piping made from these polymers (plastic) has several advantages over copper. Plastic pipe is ductile and can be easily bent, lessening the need for bends. If a really tight bend is required, 90 degree elbow joints can be used. It can also be easily routed through floor and wall spaces. Plastic […]