Month: April 2016

Cpvc Pipe Vs. PVC Pipe

When undertaking a plumbing project, you may have to use polyvinyl chloride, PVC, or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, CPVC, pipes. Although the names seem similar, it is important to understand the differences between these piping materials. Water Temperature CPVC can endure higher water temperatures than PVC. Hence, CPVC pipes carry both cold and hot water, while […]

What Are the Differences in PVC Plumbing Pipes?

PVC pipe manufacturers print arcane inscriptions across the various colors and sizes of pipe. If you become familiar with the language of the building materials industry, you can more easily decipher the meaning of the mysterious messages and determine the applications and capabilities of each pipe. Understanding the differences between the types of PVC plumbing […]

China Modern Wall PVC Bathroom Cabinets With Mirror 2016

There are many design, size, and materials choices when it comes to cabinets for your bathroom.  Then how to find a best bathroom cabinets with very affordable prices? FOSHAN KINDLY IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD  Bathroom Sets are available in many different shapes and colors. All shapes are practical & flexible and can be adjusted […]