Month: November 2015

How to Use a Power Paint Sprayer

Though the debate continues over whether a spray-painted finish is as durable as one that has been painted or rolled on, there is no disputing that using a power sprayer is a real time saver. Sprayers are a particular convenience for surfaces that would be difficult to paint otherwise, such as shingle siding, latticework, and […]

Window Glass Buying Guide

This window glass buying guide explains R values, Low-E glazing, high-performance window glass, and much more. Window glass is infamous for allowing heat to move far too freely between indoors and outdoors. Heat moving through windows dramatically reduces the energy efficiency of homes in both winter and summer. The biggest issue, of course, is heat […]

New Popular Graceful PVC Bathroom Cabinet

The Bathroom cabinet furniture ( from FOSHAN KINDLY IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD ( is made of two parts, one bathroom sink vanity cabinet and one mirror. It’s a popular style and widely accepted by customers. Outstanding Features: 1. One shining ceramic wash basin; 2. Constructed of MDF, environmentally friendly, zero emissions board can prevent […]

Water Softeners Buying Guide

This expert, unbiased water softeners report will help you choose the right size water softener, understand salt-free and dual-tank softeners,and more. Hard water is simply water that is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium carbonate, and manganese. If you find that soap and shampoo don’t lather well, dishes are spotted, the bathtub has a […]