Month: October 2015

How to Repair Faucets & Taps

Unfortunately, faucets are far from standardized, so it’s difficult to generalize about repairs. Most problems can be fixed by disassembling part or all of a faucet and replacing washers, seals, or other parts. It’s a good idea to keep a faucet repair kit on hand—one that contains a variety of washers, O-rings, and similar seals […]

How a Compression Faucet Works

Compression faucets have two separate handles. When the handle is turned, it raises or lowers a washer or seal that closes against a valve seat at the base of the stem to restrict water flow through the faucet body when you turn the handle off. cartridge, and ceramic-disc faucets, known as being “washerless,” don’t use […]

How to Choose a Shower Enclosure

When you’re looking for a shower enclosure, the easiest decision to make is usually the shape of the shower. Unless you’re doing a complete renovation, it’s best to look at what types and shapes of enclosures will fit the existing shower layout in your bathroom. After deciding between the enclosure shapes that will fit your […]

What Business Opportunities Canton Fair 2015 Will Bring to You

Canton Fair 2015(The 118th China Import and Export Fair) is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou. We are the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. It’s no wonder that the Canton Fair 2015 has already become a must see for all those looking for […]

Canton Fair 2015 phase 1 (October 15-19)

The China Import and Export Fair – International Pavilion is China’s most talked about fair exhibiting products like Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, | Vehicles & Spare Parts Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Energy Resources, Chemical Products and Building Materials . With an expansive trade platform and international trade delegations representing over 100 countries […]

Canton Fair 2015 (October, Autumn) is Unveiling Its Curtain

Canton Fair 2015 is officially organized by CFTC – China Foreign Trade Centre (Group). Canton Fair 2015 (October, Autumn) – The 118th China Import and Export Fair 2015 will be held during October 15, 2015 to November 4, 2015 at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. As such a great trade event of […]