Month: July 2015

Building Material Dealers are slowly Improving Business

According to data from Sageworks Inc., a financial information company, building-supply and home-improvement retailers have boosted sales in recent years due to the unreasonably warm weather. Private companies in the industry also seem to be seeing the business “spring” after tough years. An analysis of financial statements from privately held building material and supplies dealers […]

Governments Might Spur Private-Sector Demand for Green Buildings

About whether to increase or decrease the stringency of environmental regulations, it is often overlooked the possibility that government agencies might use purchasing to stimulate market demand for “green” products and services. Nevertheless, several recent US presidents (of both parties) have issued executive orders to require federal agencies to use environmentally preferable products and services […]

100% Chemicals Free Carbonized Thermo-Wood

Thermo-Treated Wood is now widely used for all kinds of interior and outdoor projects such as exterior siding, decks, furniture production (especially for gardens), musical instruments, flooring, parquet, windows, doors, fences and highway acoustical barriers. Other products in which thermo-treated wood is ideal are those applications in high moisture environments such as boardwalks, swimming pool […]

19-Year Manufacturing and 14-Year Export Experience Melamine Board

Are you sourcing for a kind of melamine board that can be used widely for different furniture with good quality and top service? Here I recommended you 12mm melamine particle board panel ( manufactured by Yaodonghua Furniture Boards Co.,Ltd (, which is a professional furniture boards in China. 1. Leading Manufacturer of Melamine Board in […]

115th Canton Fair Exhibition Map: Phase 1

E-Cantonfair — The 1st phase of 115 Canton Fair will start from April 15th to April 19th in the Canton Fair complex, on which 19 industries of products will be exhibited in 41 booths in all. There are about 10643 top enterprising flocking here from all part of China with their high-edge and latest products. […]