Month: July 2014

Garage Door Opener — the smoother, the better

Who is waiting for you after a stressful day? Before your sweetheart giving you the warmest hug, the first thing welcoming you back is the garage door. And the secret of lifting it depends on the quality of the opener. PROSTAR Wuxi International Trade Co., Ltd (see full details of garage door opener, please visit […]

New Flooring: 12mm Strand woven Bamboo Flooring from Birkin Floor

Birkin Floor (the brand of YEKALON) currently released a new product –StrandWoven Bamboo Flooring, 3R Tap & Go Locking, 12mm Thinkness. The floor relies on the advantage of bamboo material, introduced YEKALON’s patent ‘3R Tap & Go Locking Technology’, ‘Premium quality material’, ‘Intelligent ecology click system’ and ‘Gold shield moisture-proof technology’, to produce new and […]

Top China PVC Door & Floor Mat Enterprise

In 2014, global buyers got one more choice on PVC door mat in China! China top PVC Door & Floor Mat manufacturer — Qingdao Zhongxingda Rubber Plastic CO., LTD started to wholesale double-color PVC Door & Floor Mat from June. The new product includes piece and rolling mat. The piece Door & Floor Mat is for […]

A Garden Gate: Your First Impression Counts

Nothing than a garden reflects the owners’ taste; and nothing than a garden gate reflects the taste of the garden owner. The first impression lasts the longest with a high quality simple single gate. PROSTAR is the one who always work on quality garden gate to increase garden owner’s taste. They aim to provide overseas purchasers […]