115th Canton Fair Exhibition Map: Phase 1

E-Cantonfair — The 1st phase of 115 Canton Fair will start from April 15th to April 19th in the Canton Fair complex, on which 19 industries of products will be exhibited in 41 booths in all. There are about 10643 top enterprising flocking here from all part of China with their high-edge and latest products. This is a grand business banquet full of opportunities for you to grab.
In the first phase , Area A will exhibit products covering Household Electrical Appliance, Vehicle Spare Parts, Electronic &Electrical Products, Computer & Communication Products, Small Machinery, Large Machinery &Equipment, Construction machinery (Outdoor Open Area), Construction Machinery (Outdoor Area under Awning).
Area B will exhibit products including Vehicles (Outdoor), Sanitary &Bathroom Equipment, Building &Decoration Materials, Consumer Electronics, International Pavilion, Lighting Equipment.
In Area C, products being exhibited include Tools, Chemical Products, Hardware, Bicycles.
The following is a detailed guide map to tell you where the products will be exhibited.
Useful Tips:
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